Annual Accounting Closure

What does the “Annual Accounting Closure” service include?

The end of the accounting and financial year is performed as follows:

  • we prepare an annual tax return and the Annual financial statements (AFS) of the company, together with the accompanying acts and documents;
  • we submit them to the NRA and the NSI;
  • we organize the submission of the Annual financial statements to the Commercial Register.

We offer the service both separately and as part of the complete accounting services package to our clients.

Why you may trust us

  • If we provide you with our complete accounting service package, we will have all the information we need and your Annual financial statements will be prepared, discussed with you and submitted on time, thus minimizing the risks of delays and fines. 

  • If you want to use only the service “Annual Accounting Closing”, you can rest assured that the preparation and submission of your Annual financial statements is in experienced hands. We will request in advance all the necessary information in order to prepare the Annual financial statements and the annual tax return as soon as possible so we can submit them on time.

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