Company Registration

What does the “Company Registration” service include?

  • We advise you in choosing the type of company, we provide you with advice and recommendations on taxation and social security, social security contributions and accounting services.
  • We prepare the acts and all the necessary documentation for company registration.
  • We submit the documents to the Commercial Register.

Why you may entrust the registration of your company to “Benix”

Yes, you can register your company yourself, there are enough explanations for doing this on the Internet. What most start-up owners miss is that registration is only a small part of the process of establishing your business. When you entrust this activity to experienced accountants, they help you to:

  • build a solid foundation for your business : you see your business activity in its entirety, you choose the right type of company; you understand the need for business planning and perform it yourself or do it together with our experienced team;

  • ensure the best prerequisites for its development: thanks to our business and tax advice you take the right decisions for your business from the very beginning and you can safely focus on its development;

  • you rely on a trusted and experienced partner in financial and accounting matters: the earlier you start working with accountants and financial advisors, the faster you will be able to grow your business. That is why we offer you a full package of tax and business consulting and accounting services – to save you mistakes and the related costs before you even start work.

During its 22-year history, “Benix” has participated as a long-term partner, advisor and assistant to a number of small, medium and large businesses. Send us an inquiry, let us discuss your business plans and we will help you implement them successfully.