Payroll and personnel administration

What does the “Payroll and personnel administration” service include?

•  We prepare all the necessary documents for your employees from their appointment to their dismissal/retirement.
•    We store and update their work files.
•    We prepare payrolls, declarations to the National Revenue Agency, we provide sick leaves and declarations to the National Social Security Institute, we organize the payment of salaries, social security contributions and the related taxes.

Why do you need an accountant for this activity?

•   Keeping payroll and personnel documentation takes time.
•   It is connected to the precise completion and organizing in sets of a large number of documents.
•    It requires you to be constantly informed about novelties and changes in the Labor Code, the Social Security Code and the entire related regulatory framework.
We recommend that even if you have only one employee, you entrust this activity to a professional accountant. By doing this, you reduce the risk of mistakes and fines and you can manage to focus on your actual business activity.

We at “Benix” Accounting Company offer the “Payroll and personnel administration” service separately or as part of the complete accounting service package to give you a peace of mind and confidence in the relationship with your employees. Contact us