Tax and financial advice

What does the “Tax and financial advice” service include?

  • Tax analysis of the current state of the company;
  • Tax and financial analysis of a specific transaction;
  • Tax optimization advice;
  • Clarification of tax effects in specific management decisions;
  • Financial analysis of the company;
  • Financial planning;
  • Assistance in specific cases arising with state institutions;

If you are our regular customer, financial and tax advice is part of our monthly care package for your business.

If you need a one-time tax consultation, an expert from our team is at your disposal online or in our accounting service offices in Lovech and in Sofia.

Why you can trust the financial and tax advice provided by “Benix”

  • Your company is diligent to the law with less tax expense. It is our duty to monitor changes in regulations and laws, to explain them to our customers, to make sure that payments are made on time. The better we know your business, the easier it is for us to advise you on how and what tax benefits you can use.

When “Benix” is your financial and tax partner, your interest – to pay less and get the most out of each of your business decisions – is also our interest.

  • The decisions you make for your business are profitable. We make sure you receive everything you need in advance to take an informed decision. We first provide you with financial and tax analyses prepared by us, then we answer your questions and give you advice and guidance. Our common objective is the smooth, undisturbed and stable development of your business. We can achieve this if you have enough clarity about the consequences of each of your decisions.

Contact us, to discuss what you need, such as tax and financial advice and/or accounting services, so we can get your business moving forward.